Friday, October 14, 2011

Einstein Moment!

K, so I'm laying here in bed while my mind is just throwing 1 idea after another like fireflies buzzing around on a hot summers night. Only it's October!

My business is still growing and doing exceptionally well, yet thoughts flutter rampantly from time to time which just cause me to stare at the ceiling in the dark while the moon shines in the room. Being that currently it's like 89* outside, no air conditioner due to the fact we live in CA, as no one who lives near the coast does, and it's 1:38am isn't helping much either. Ha Ha... Yet I just lay with multiple inventions of what I want to create next dancing through my head. Wearable Art coming to life...

Don't they say; "The greatest minds think at night?" Or did I just make that up?  Either way, it sure sounds good to me!

Do you have a small business you're trying to grow into your life's dream as well? If so, I'd luv to hear of your random insomnia Einstein mode episodes as well..Tell me all about it. Ha Ha...

Can't wait to read them!

Aren't Blogs just the best! A perfect way to relieve our thoughts on a HOT Einstein kinda night...

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