Thursday, November 3, 2011

Recycle Recycle Recycle

Today I wanted to create a piece of my Wearable Art from the garage.

GARAGE? What! haha...Yup that's right a piece from my garage. I got up and decided I wanted to be totally green today. What's more green that recycling old pieces just laying around into new unique pieces speaking to me saying "Wear Me"...

WahLah..... I give you my Silk Steel Earrings!

Can you guess what I made them out of?

I've decided to make my creations in an array of fun colors. What do you think? You like?

I try on every piece I create, and these look TOTALLY Chic!

As always, I'd luv luv luv to hear from you...OMG, they are speaking to me,, they are telling me to tell you to.... "buy me" lol...


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